Some time ago TRF invited me on this board and I joined and enjoyed myself for the most part. After some time and hard work I was awarded with ORG status. It was subsequently taken away in the Great Purge of 2007. TRF nominated me for ORG but I was posting several unkind remarks about the changes at the same time. I will not debate the changes now or go back over my remarks. What's done is done. But, evidentally my posts embarrassed him and I'm sorry about that. Combine that with what I understand to be unkind remarks about me and my potential membership in ORG and TRF decided to leave Redszone.

This is not acceptable.

My undertstanding is that TRF is one of the originals of Redszone and if not an original certainly one of the longest serving members. He loves Redszone and has contributed a lot to it. I'm sure many enjoy reading his posts. Any problems that I have with Redszone or vice versa are not important enough to cause TRF to leave. IMO, TRF and Redszone need each other. This is a tragedy of epic proportions. I am asking Redszoners around the world (yes, even you Highlifeman21) to e-mail TRF and let him know that Redszone needs him. Let's right this injustice. TRF can be reached at He is a legend here and needs to be brought home. Go forth and carry the word!