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Why did I get singled out?

I never had a problem with TRF. Pretty sure he never had a problem with me, either.
I singled you out because you usually seemed to have a problem with me. I was right about Hopper BTW.

Now look at the last few sentences I wrote...

This is a tragedy of epic proportions. I am asking Redszoners around the world (yes, even you Highlifeman21) to e-mail TRF and let him know that Redszone needs him. Let's right this injustice. TRF can be reached at trfredszone@yahoo.com. He is a legend here and needs to be brought home. Go forth and carry the word!

Can anyone honestly read those last few sentences and take them at face value? Go forth and carry the word? It reads like a damn Captain Marvel comic book. Look, I was trying to right a wrong for a friend and that is all there was to it. He should be here. Simple as that. I'm the reason he's not although it appears he might have been here recently. I'm sure everything will sort itself out.