Should I make this offer? I think it would help both teams involved since Julio Lugo is his starting shortstop, and he's wanting a dominant closer.

I trade:
Jimmy Rollins
J.J. Putz
Troy Glaus
Carlos Delgado

I receive:
Albert Pujols
Johan Santana
Julio Lugo

Here are the reasons I'm leaning toward offering this:
1. Albert Pujols would be a huge upgrade at first base.
2. Johan Santana is awesome and would help any team (and would give me a rotation of Santana, Tim Lincecum, Rich Hill, Cole Hamels, Scott Kazmir, John Maine, and Carlos Zambrano).
3. I have consistently gotten the most saves every week (and I would be left with a bullpen of Mariano Rivera, Huston Street, and Francisco Rodriguez).
4. Julio Lugo qualifies for 2B, 3B, and SS, and he would be the stopgap until Miguel Tejada comes off the DL, which could be as soon as Friday.
5. I have Ryan Braun playing third base, and Glaus is only backing up Braun and Rollins right now.