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Wasn't Odell with his teammates when he commited his past transgressions? Maybe Goodell feels he's doing Odell a favor. I recently read there was a problem this summer with an all night party, guns, and Odell threatening someone? And how do we all know Odell's done everything the commish asked him to do?
Yea and Henry also beat up some kids over the summer as well. This is speculation and was never followed through. Here is the thing with Odell. The NFL is a 24 hour a day buisness right now. If Odell feels that he complied with everything laid out he can take this to the court of public opinion, mainly the media. I will say this Goodell is running the league with an iron fist. It is all good until he takes that too far. The second he starts taking things to the next level and becoming unfair is the second he loses support. With the support of the union Goodell can do basically what he wants. When he loses support he will have a very difficult time with the union.