I keep seeing that the Phillies are interested in trading for a SP, with Bourn, Madson, and possibly Victorino being available. I know they just got Iguchi, but they really don't have any depth at second. If I'm Krivsky, I'm on the horn trying to work a 3 team deal. Dunn going to the third party involved, with the Reds landing Victorino and somebody solid (prospect or player) from that third team, the Phillies getting Freel, Lohse, and a bit player or prospect from the third team, and the third team involved getting Dunn.

This is gonna make your head spin a bit...lol. But I'd love to see Victorino in a Reds uni, and with some creativity, I could see Kriv being able to pull something like this off. It would give the Reds one of the best defensive outfields in the game with Hamilton and Victorino having two of the strongest arms in the majors, as well as finally providing us with a true lead-off hitter.

as i was thinking about this......Washington came to mind. I know......ewww. but if we sent Dunn to Washington, and got Cordero in return, this would be a home run for Krivsky.