Another blooming outfielder for the Reds? Maybe! Do you think Chris Dickerson can become a Mike Cameron type OF'er? I hope so with a little more strength and time. An interesting possible future Reds outfield (2009 or '10) with Bruce, Stubbs and Dickerson patrolling the far reaches in GABP. I wouldn't mind seeing Adam Dunn still here at that time.

A great night for Joey Votto by driving in 4 runs and hitting "his 13th and 14th homers in the fifth and sixth innings." Jesse Gutierrez connected on a "solo homer, his fifth, in the seventh." Yes! Votto is more than ready to be the Reds 1st baseman now! Despite what Wayne Krivsky says to the contrary, I believe the Major league service time (clock) is keeping Votto in Louisville and not letting that "clock" start just yet in Cincinnati.
"Louisville starter Phil Dumatrait (10-5) picked up the win, allowing one run on two hits in five frames" in Thursday's night game against Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. No mention here as to why Dumatrait's game was cut short after 5 innings. Bring Dumatrait up now. Let him get his feet wet in the bigs for the last two months of this season. It will certainly help Phil for his Reds 2008 season.
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