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I think it tells you just how BAD the rotation will be next year and how god awful bad it would be if we traded Arroyo. We better hope someone falls into our lap or we will overpay again for an average pitcher. Going in with Bailey, Besile and whom ever you wish as the 5th starter (Gosling, Levingston, etc) just won't cut it for me.
I seriously think Ramirez is capable of being a decent back-end guy next year. We know what we have with Harang and Arroyo, I guess the big thing is if Homer learns to get out ML hitters. Get one free agent starter, move Belisle back to the pen which would help out there. I realize this is alot of "ifs" that have to happen for our rotation to work out but you never know. Now if none of Bailey, Ramirez, Belisle, or Livingston can cut it next year (this is also a possibility) we are looking at an absolute disaster of a season.