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Hustle isn't just running fast to cover bad routes to the ball.

It includes getting to the ball-park first to hit the batting cage and review tape. It includes spending extra time with the batting instructor when you are in a funk. It includes taking extra in-field practice if needed. It includes hitting the weight room when you'd rather be driving your new Porche.

I've never figured out why some here don't care for hard work.

You gotta have the tallent. No doubt there. But without hard work you will never maximize all you can do.
And Ken Griffey Jr. still gets labled as lazy despite the fact that he put in long, long days rehabbing. As you describe, a lot of the "hustle" doesn't take place in front of the fans.

ARod, from all acounts, is one of the hardest working players in baseball. Yes, he's also supremely talented. I imagine that if we could somehow compare the reality of how hard a player works off the field with the perception, we'd see a very different picture. I bet many fans assume that a lot of very talented players slack off more than their less talented counterparts.