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Key, can you tell us how Coot was last night? Mentally screwed up with the demotion or just didn't have it?

Is this the first time you caught him?

Can Ramirez pitch himself out of a wet paper bag?

Does Salmon have enough to be up in Cincy? How was his velocity? Movement?

Coot...well, as you can see by the numbers didn't fare too well in his first AAA outing. He was really flying open with his front side and not hitting his spots. Kinda hard to set people up that way. Don't take this the wrong way, but he could care less about the demotion. It was a numbers game when you look at it - he had options, the other lefties didn't. He's not a headcase by any means. He'll be fine next time out.

EZ ran into a wall last night in the 5th inning as you can see. He was cruising along well until then. Honestly, I wouldn't expect anyone to pitch longer than 5 innings in this heat. It was brutal last night and the air was stagnant. Not even the nightfall helped cool things off because there was no breeze. I think I lost 10 pounds and couldn't get enough fluids in me.

Yes, Salmon has what it takes to be in Cincy. He has 4 good pitches (FB, Slider, Split, and a newly acquired curve). He's had great control with his curve getting it over for strikes. When he's calm on the mound, he'll dominate. Sometimes I think he rushes too much and just needs to take a step back and slow things down. I think he was consistent 91 - 93 last night with his fastball.