Castellini: Krivsky job safe
But CEO more guarded talking about managing situation, Dunn's future

Reds chief executive officer Bob Castellini is an optimistic guy. Tuesday night's 4-0 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers had him beaming Wednesday.

He had a positive demeanor as he had an impromptu session with the club beat writers before Wednesday's game, and the subject quickly got around to general manager Wayne Krivsky's future with the club.

Castellini said Krivsky's job is not in trouble.

"No," Castellini said. "He's done a good job. Wayne's a plugger. He keeps at it - a lot of determination."

Castellini has heard the charge that the Reds have no plan.

"I think Wayne is taking a studied approach to it," Castellini said. "We're on the same page."

Castellini has been pleased with the way the club has played since interim manager Pete Mackanin took over. The Reds improved to 18-13 under him with Wednesday's win.

"All of us are (pleased with him)," Castellini said. "He has a nice way about him. He communicates well with the players."

It sounds as if Mackanin has earned a trial at least through the end of the season.

"We'll take a look at (the manager situation) after the season," Castellini said. "Pete's doing a good job. There's no sense talking about it now."

Castellini would not say what the club is thinking as far as picking up outfielder Adam Dunn's $13 million option for next year.

"I'm not going to talk about that," Castellini said. "Adam is playing good baseball. I congratulated him on that today. He's getting key hits. He won the game for us (Saturday)."

Ever the optimist, Castellini hasn't even given up on this season.

"If you win two-thirds of your games in our division (it's not over)," he said. "There's a high probability that (it is over), but there are 50 games to go. Rose-colored glasses? No. But you can't give up. These players haven't given up. They're not just playing for individual stats. They're playing to win."