As a season ticket holder who canít attend all the games (esp. the weekday games) Iíve been exchanging the tickets via the Season Ticket Exchange. Tickets need to be exchanged at least 2 weeks in advance. These tickets are in the Mezzanine Level at $20/seatÖ which is a pretty good deal since my season tickets are in the Outer View Level and only $5/seat.

The following games are still available:

Tuesday, Sept. 4, 7:10 vs. New York Mets
Friday, Sept. 7, 7:10 vs. Milwaukee Brewers
Wednesday, Sept. 26, 7:10 vs. Houston Astros

Iíve exchanged 5 tickets for Friday, 9/7. Iíll have at least 3-4 tickets available by Monday for any of the above 3 dates. As more unused tickets become available - I'll add to this thread.

If you are interested - drop me a PM. Thanks!