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Personally, I've always liked the tenor of his voice. He's got what they call 'great pipes', to me at least. And, when he sticks to the game he gives an accurate description of the action on the field that you can easily follow. He repeats the score, current outs, men on base, pitch count and so on enough that you know what's going on without it becoming overly repetative. He can fill in with enough biographical information as to give some insite to the player without having to know he has six toes on his left foot. He describes the action away from the play (like the bullpen or dugout) when it's relevant. He modulates his voice well---he can be very pleasant to listen to.

The above was Marty in the '70's and maybe the '80's. Somewhere though he decided golf jokes, tomato plants, the bannana phone and asides to his buddies were more important than calling the game. He turned mean and vicious and decided he was the voice of reason in the night that was the only true vision. He decided he was the show and the game was a sidelight. Other than that....

Good post and right on the mark.