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While I really like the wool caps, I am glad that they have not gone completely crazy with the new caps. The Reds actually wore polyester caps for a couple of seasons when they were wearing the white pinstriped caps with the red bills because the wool ones faded so badly. I have one of those and it isn't a bad cap. The white is much "whiter" than the wool caps. I'm not a big fan of the black undervisior and sweat band. I think major league baseball had an alterior motive with that as they didn't like the messages being written on the undervisors. They do make silver pens, Bud.
I had a feeling the black undervisor was to prevent "unsightly" writing on players' caps. If they want to get rid of something ugly regarding uniforms, get rid of the "pajama pants" look.

If they got rid of the different color on the side panels, the Angels BP cap would be fantastic. I also really wish the Reds hadn't chosen to go with the red C on a red hat. If they wanted to do an alt look, since the BP jerseys are red, I would have tried out a white or gray hat with a red C for the BP hat.