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10 Teams, no PPR.

QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, K, D

I had the 4th pick.

T Romo
A Smith

J Addai
R Brown
B Jackson
J Jones

Chad Johnson
A Boldin
R Williams
D.J. Hackett
J Porter

J Shockey

S Gostkowski

D Broncos

It was a crazy draft. The top 5 QBs went in the first 2 rounds, so I waited until round 8 to get a QB. The top 4 defenses went in rounds 4 and 5. One guy missed the draft and ended up with 4 kickers.

I'm pretty happy with my team. I've got 2 of the top 15 RBs, 3 top-10 wideouts, a top-3 TE, and an INT-heavy defense that gets the Chiefs and Raiders twice. I wanted Phillip Rivers at QB, but he got taken 2 picks before I could get him, so I took Romo instead. I almost got Leinert as my backup, but he has the same bye week as Romo.
So I'm guessing with that first round pick you took Addai. I took Alexander with the 4th pick. Did you hesitate on that pick at all or did you know for sure you would have taken Addai?