The teenage kids in my neighborhood went a little crazy a couple of weeks ago. At 3 AM on trash day, they took everyone's trash cans and used them to set up barricades at both ends of the street. They also swiped some garden hoses and strung them through the trees. One of them found a tractor sprinkler and tossed it out in front of an oncoming car. Unfortunately for them, it was a police car. It did some serious damage, and the kid got into big trouble.

I talked to some of my neighbors about it, and they kept wondering, "Why would kids do something like that?" I just kind of shrugged. "Because they're kids. They don't have reasons. They think it will be fun."

I think most of us went through that phase. My friends and I did some goofy stuff like that when we were 15. We used to climb onto the roof of our schools, get in through an unlocked maintenance door, and wreak some havoc (just petty stuff -- no broken windows or anything like that). One night we got into all three schools in my hometown -- the elementary school, junior high, and high school.

I read on another thread that woy took some lady's dry cleaning out of her car and hung each outfit on a different tree in the neighborhood. Classic.

What did YOU do?