Then there was the time an ex-boyfriend really really made me mad so I went and bought a bunch of um, adult reading material, subscribed and had it all sent to his work address.
I lived in a house with six guys, we were brutal to each other.


One guy left town for a weekend and we bought a mess of skin mags and cut out all the pictures and stapled them to every inch of his ceiling and walls.

Another time one of the guys was dating a girl whom we all thought was way too young for him, he was 22, she 17. he took her to see a concert and then was bringing her back to our home for some wooing. Problem was he told us all this before he went and that gave us plenty of time to get ready. When he brought her back to his room, he opened the door to a bunch of incense and all the lights were out except for one red spot light pointing to his bed stand table where a package of hot dogs and a bottle of corn syrup sat. On the bed was a pair of handcuffs and a studded dog necklace.

They left about 5 minutes later.

I never saw her again.