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I have to disagree with this statement. Rudi rushed for less than 50 yards 4 times last year which includes three divisional games. His five games over 100 yards were primarily against bad rushing defenses (Cleveland, NO, Oakland). I think Rudi is a capable back but he is far from irreplaceable. Also, I doubt we would see Kenny Watson as Rudi's replacement. Quincy Wilson is a Rudi clone and would likely take over if Chris Perry couldn't do it.

Finally, the only way the Bengals win less than 8 games against this schedule is if they lose Palmer for more than a game.
I see why you would say that, but the Bengals won two of those games, and in the other two, the Bengals were heavily criticized for not running the ball enough (for which the Bengals staff agreed and decided to take some blame for the losses).