Here's the situation. I can't play audio CDs on my computer anymore, and I cannot figure out why. DVDs play fine, and software CDs are fine. Audio CDs, I get nothing.

I have one drive, a DVD-RW/CD-RW. This is the one I have. Came with the computer, which is an HP.

I've tried every suggestion I've come across to fix this. It's nothing to do with sound (I don't think), as all sound works fine everywhere. And it would seem that since DVDs work fine, the entire drive itself isn't broken. I tried updating the driver, and also tried uninstalling/reinstalling it. Still nothing.

When I put in an audio CD, the light on the drive lights up, the CD spins, the computer thinks for a few seconds ... then nothing. If you open the drive folder, it's empty.

Anybody have any explanations or suggestions for what to do? This has been driving me crazy. It hasn't worked for about a month now, and I have about 15 CDs I've purchased in that time that I can't get onto my computer, and onto my iPod, etc.

If I need to buy a new drive, would love to hear any input on that topic as well.

Pretty pretty please, and many many thanks.