Today is a beautiful day.

Over the past decade+ that I've lived here, I've seen the Reds get treated by the local team like a red-headed stepchild. Repeatedly. It started with the 1995 NLCS, and never really got much better.

Until the magical 2007 season.

My boss, who's genuinely a good guy, liked to take a line from Davey Concepcion and turn it around after every Braves thrashing of the Reds. Evidently, back in the day the Reds were in town and someone asked Concepcion about some improvements in the Braves lineup. After yet another Reds win, Concepcion said something to the effect of "they're still the same old Braves."

With each drubbing the Reds have taken from the Braves over the past decade, I've inevitably heard my boss tell me "same old Reds."

If anyone has a good photo of Concepcion that I could doctor up, I'd love to see it. After losing the season series 6-1 to the Reds, my boss clearly needs to be reminded of the natural order of the baseball universe.