Many in RedsZone have debated whethert the Reds should pick up Adam Dunn’s 2008 option. I thought a quick look at his 2007 stats, broken down month by month, might add some fuel to this debate(as if it needs any....).

Home runs: 35
April: 6
May: 8
June: 9
July: 4
August: 8

OBP: .373
April: .363
May: .355
June: .352
July: .376
August: .427

Walks/Strikeouts/ BB-K rate: 76/144/.53
April: 14/32/.44
May: 16/41/.39
June: 9/25/.36
July: 19/28/.68
August: 18/18/1.0

Slugging Percentage: .557
April: .511
May: .573
June: .617
July: .455
August: .638

OPS: .929
April: .874
May: .928
June: .969
July: .831
August: 1.065

Strikeout rate: 32.6%
April: 31.4%
May: 34.5%
June: 24.3%
July: 26.2%
August: 20.7%

I don’t know exactly why, but Dunn’s strikeout rate has been dropping since May. I thought I had noticed this, and the stats bear it out.

When we see that including 2007, Dunn’s career strikeout rate is 32.7%, we can see that when he cuts down on strikeouts his OBP numbers take a nice upward turn. Not the striking out a fourth of the time is good, but is better than a third of the time.

Last year, Dunn’s hitting dropped dramatically in August and September. So far, no sign of a repeat. It will be interesting to see if the reduced K rate continues through the end of the year. If this trend continues, it may signal a change in approach by Dunn. If not, it probably just signifies a ‘hot streak’.