Ok boys and girls, the wife has finally given the go ahead to move to the 'nati [or greater Cincinnati area at least].

So as with most things, I come to those in the know for help and or advice.

Does anyone on this board have any affiliation with Cincinnati Childrens Hospital? She's applied for several jobs there. She's imminently qualified...Masters Degree, 5 years of working for the public via the local Police Department as a Grant Writer/Financial Admin and she's looking for any sort of help we can get in securing a job there, or any other similar type position if anyone has or knows of an opening.

Me, I'm a CAD guy, design, development, project management type deals. I've had a lot of experience in retail store design for example. [Yes I'd love to work on the banks project].

We're neighborhood shopping as well, and will listen to any suggestions anyone has on those.

Thanks in advance for advice and opinions given, and if you don't want to reveal where you work to the general masses, but think you might be able to help, feel free to PM me.

Thanks Redszone!