I used to hate that nickname for the NL Central, but it's hard to refute these days. Am I the only one tired of the NL Central being a weak, watered down division?

I've always been an NL fan and when the Reds shifted to the NL Central, of course, that became my division. So, I still take a bit of pride in the performance of both. It's bad enough watching the NL get shellacked in the AllStar game every year, but I'm getting tired of seeing so many flawed teams in the NL Central.

On the season, the Cubs are now the only NL Central team to have scored more runs than they have allowed in 2007.

Team: RS__RA
CHI: 607__559
MIL: 631__648
STL: 576__645
CIN: 656__708
HOU: 590__674
PIT: 600__670