I have the 12th pick in a draft tomorrow morning. This is in a pretty standard yahoo league. QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, Flex (WR/TE), K, DEF. This is my 1st time ever picking at 12.

25 yds passing, 10 yds receiving, 10 yds rushing = 1 pt.
TDs = 6 pts

If you had the following choices, which would you do.

At 12 and 13 take best available RB and Carson Palmer (this of course assuming Manning goes before 12) and hope Thomas Jones and Andre Johnson or Roy Williams are there at 36 and 37.

Or at 12 and 13 take the 2 best RBs available (Henry, Maroney, maybe Rudi or Bush) and then hope Brees, McNabb, Bulger, or Brady are there at 36/37 and add the best WR to go along with QB.

I really think once you get past the 1st 6 QBs you might as well wait until the 8th round or so and get Romo or Roethlisberger. QBs always go quicker than I think they should and that is the only reason I am debating Palmer at 12/13.

Thanks for any thoughts or advice.