I would concur. I met Jay in Chattanooga during his brief stay there, and was able to speak to him for a couple of minutes. Ironic thing was I didn't know who he was; he was just introduced to me as Jay. At first I thought it was Jay Garthwaite until he turned around and I saw the name on the back of his jersey. When I realized who I was talking to I was even more impressed by his demeanor and his maturity. He was very respectful to both my wife and me. His parents should be commended for his upbringing.

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I can't really comment on Upton, but I just wanted to chime in with Jay for this one. I met him back when he was playing in Dayton, and the kid was about as down to Earth as he possibly could be. Everytime I read something he says, or something he has done off the field, its always the right thing.