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Drew made some big strides the second half of the season at the plate as he hit .308/.394/.517 in his last 250 plate appearances of the season. Give him 2 years and I think we will like what we see.
How much of that is the normal hot/cold flux that comes with every season? How much of that is a function of the better, older pitchers in the MWL getting promoted to high A and beyond while the lesser pitchers stick around to mix with younger guys coming up?

Supposedly Stubbs' .768 OPS effort in the Pioneer League last season was going to get relegated to fluke status this season. Now he's at .785 this season. It's too early to equate his performance with fate, but a pattern is emerging and it's not pretty. Quite frankly, if Stubbs doesn't take a major step forward next year the chances of him improving as the pitchers do at each level would be somewhere from slim to none.