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Well, Silva can be a #5 on a winning team, I think.

Keep in mind that the team is 3 starters short of a rotation, 2 if you're still counting on Belisle. If you go and find that undervalued guy, you're still short. You still need another pitcher who can do what I think Silva can do. You say it's about body count, and I agree -- the Reds need more than 1 guy here. That's why I say get started ASAP in the free agent market. Not only does it knock one pitcher off your to-do list, but it may send a message to other free agents (Rowand, Cameron?) that the team is on the move, the team means business. Because it will be well-known that if this team is really serious about competing, they have to get some starters...yet, if they're looking to do so on the cheap, well, it's probably going to look like the same ole Reds to a free agent who wants to win and, while the team may have a nice personality, that's not attractive.

I absolutely agree, Silva is a #5.

Unfortunately, we'd have to pay him #3 money. As I've said, and others have said, Carlos Silva very well could be our next Eric Milton, where we overpay for him in FA, bring him in to be way too important to our rotation due to the overpaying, and he won't even remotely produce to meet our expectations.

If we paid Silva as a #5, and expected him to be a #5, then that would be something completely different.

The problem with how our future rotation seems to be shaping up is that we have a #1, a #3, two kids that are unknown, and a #5. Those names are Harang, Arroyo, Cueto & Bailey and Belisle, for those of you scoring at home. We honestly don't have a legitimate #2, and seem too be too bottom heavy with #5 type starters. Maybe if we'd focus on collecting more #3 types, then we'd have a fighting chance... for 2009.