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Well M2, at least at the time before this year, scouts had almost unanimously stated that Justin was a better prospect than BJ. They had been saying it for years.
So lets just say that people still believe thats true. If Callis thinks Jay Bruce is a better prospect than Justin Upton, which he has also said for the last year, then wouldn't it make sense that he puts them in that order?

Yeah, BJ is going nuts right now and has single handedly saved me in two of my fantasy leagues as I picked him up in the 25th round of two leagues just hoping to get some SB's out of him, but I don't think Callis has a Peter Pan type view.... at least in this example.
Callis constantly does stuff like this. It's part of the BA standard operating procedure - they like kids who haven't played long enough to struggle and almost everyone struggles at some point. Once they do struggle then the next untested kid moves to the front of the line. A year ago he'd have probably listed Delmon Young in front of all of them.

As for the Uptons and Bruce, I figure all three will be kicking tail and taking names. Who'll be the best megasuperstar? Why even pretend like you know? Any random order will do.

The thing B.J. has going for him is OB. That .390 mark in the minors is pretty heady stuff. Neither Bruce nor Little Upton has been able to match it.