They have it every year in September. They use to rent out either Kings Island or Cedar Point for Honda only, but they stopped doing that about 5 years ago and started doing these family Fests over in Columbus where they rent the Convention Center and Nationwide Arena, as well as free admission to movies at Arena Grande Theatre. They have all types of various activities, as well as rides, over at the Convention Center and outside.

I've never went to one since they started doing it because I always heard they were a disappointment. Many wish they hadn't stopped with the Cedar Point/Kings Island thing; but one really can't/shouldn't complain when they really don't have to be doing anything at all.

At Nationwide Arena they have appearing Patti LaBelle, Trace Adkins, and ZZ Top, with Bill Engvall doing the follow up show to each.

My wife isn't going so it's just me hauling about 7 teenagers over there. I heard there is an excellent imported beer garden over there, so I may need to it. One of the teens can drive home.

I also need to stop and buy a pack of BIC lighters for the ZZ Top concert. Do they still do that? I haven't been to a concert in over 25 years. Will probably lose any of the hearing I have left.