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AR, it doesn't really matter if he is willing to accept the role as far as picking up his option. If he has a problem with it, then you can trade him and get something in return for him. As for speed off the bench, I think its an overrated thing. How often do you honestly use a pinch runner compared to just needing a guy to get a hit as a pinch hitter?
Hatty is going to be 38 next season and probably relizes that his days are numbered. What a better way to make 1.5M than to sit on the bench, start a handful of games and pinch hit.

As for speed of the bench I disagree with you doug. I think it is a very underappreciated part of the game. Look at what Dave Roberts did for the Red Sox in the playoffs when they won the world series. In a close game if you got a guy who can steal a bast it puts more pressure on both the pitcher and catcher. A slow runner allows the pitcher to focus solely on the hitter.