Hmmm... and now that I'm looking at the pic there is something strange about it - like "photoshopped" on some of the players. Some of the photos look eeriely familiar, resembling photos of the players on the screen at GABP.

This year I went down during the 3rd inning and caught someone who gave me 20 pristine copies! Add an extra from Chip and that makes 21... then there are 9 not so good copies.

I've cleared out my mailbox - so fire me a PM with your actual name and address, and it will be sent out. DO NOT RESPOND IN THIS THREAD IF YOU WANT A PHOTO!

First come, first serve! For those that don't kinow the drill - I don't charge for this service...

BTW... I've asked the Reds for 10-15 extra copies of Concepcion's print - still waiting for a response. IF you are interested in the print as well state both in your PM. I can't promise anything and might not know until the middle of the week.