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I'm of the opinion that a system like this will always shaped by the perceptions that the rules makers have of technology and its place in the world. Currently the world is run by guys who listened to Radio drama and remember the DuPont Network, next will be the 3-4 Channel Brats, they never played Video games or owned a computer in primary school, after them will be the kids who grew up with technology leaking into every avenue of their existence.

Then they'll start to ponder it realistically.

If they hadn't already implemented Questec I'd agree with you.

That shows me two things. One, they recognize they have a big problem with umpire inconsistency and inaccuracy which affects games and the quality of the product on the field.

Two, technology exists already which can identify the umpires who are least capable.

If they didn't believe in it, why would they even consider Questec?

And if they weren't willing to move past their old school prejudices, why would they be using it now?