Without looking it up I believe that the strike zone is defined as "....when the batter takes his normal stance...". I have to believe that technology could be developed (if it hasn't been already) that would image a batter just before each pitch and outline his strikezone for that at bat or even by each pitch.

When cameras were suggested for tennis I was all for it. Overall, tennis linesmen and umpires do a good job, much as baseball umpires do, but they are not perfect. Using the cameras gave the game greater validity and the feeling that the player that won did so by merit and not some mistaken call. It took awhile but tennis 'got it' and, I hope, so will baseball.

I'm probably thought of as 'old school' around here but this is one thing that I think would greatly increase the interest and value of the game. A consistant strikezone would level the playing field and more likely award victory to the team that performed the best without the input of an arbitrary (and perhaps biased) third party that never touches the ball during the play on the field.