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The First season was excellent. The second season was disappointing (the directors admitted they royally screwed up in season two) so I assume a lot of people dropped the show. Shame, this season is excellent IMO.

I think the show is great ... the whole thin line between who is good and who is evil and how they got there is playing out well IMO.
I agree. I kept hoping that season two would get better at some point, but alas, no dice. And I was a bit put off by season three's premiere, but it's really ramped up since (even though I entirely hate what they've done with Mohinder).

And I actually do really like Arthur Petrelli's character. For a season one villian, Sylar was great but Arthur Petrelli is a bit more of an Apocalypse (for X-Men fans) level villian than was Sylar.

And I'm eagerly awaiting next week's continuation of this week's cliffhanger. That was truly unexpected.