Ok, I'm in a 12 team big $ league.

I am loaded at WR (Owens, S. Smith, Curtis, Welker), but need a 2nd RB now that my 2nd RB (A. Green) is questionable. Nobody wants to trade.

I have Addai (bye wk 6), A. Green (10), Branden Jackson (7), and Morency (7).

We start 2 per week and are only allowed 4 RB's on the roster, so if I pick one up, I need to drop one.

Waiver options:

1. Leonard (STL, bye week 9)
2. Watson (Cin, bye week 4)
3. Morris (NE, bye week 10)
4. Buckhalter (PHI, bye week 5)
5. Dayne or Gado (Hou, bye week 10)

Scoring format is 1 point per 10 yards, 6 for a TD.

I'm 7th in the waiver order, so I don't think I'll get Leonard, but I'll try to claim him anyway. As a back-up claim, does anyone else look good and if so, who do I drop? Morency? B. Jackson? Green? Stand pat?

Addai's bye is coming up and I'm afraid I won't even be able to have a starting RB by then. I have until Thursday morning to make a pick up.

Any advice is appreciated.