What were they thinking?

It' the top of the 9th, leading a meaningless game Reds leading
8-4, Cubbies haven't scored in 4 innings, and who does Wayne put in to "mop up"?
Why does it matter?

If Stanton has 140 appearances in 2007-2008 his contract becomes guaranteed for 2009 at $2,750,000
Today's effort puts him at 69. If he hadn't gone on the DL earlier this year he would be more than half way there.

If I knew how to set up a poll, I would, feel free to do one with this if you know how.

Is there anyone out there who wants to:
1. have him on the roster in 09
2. pay him that kind of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

For reference, all of you Coffey haters out their, Stanton and Coffey have almost identical stats, (except age) for 2007