Might as well get this going and see if FCB can continue his October Kreskin routine.

Wild card playoff - Padres over the Rockies

Jake Peavy vs. Josh Fogg? This is a mismatch for the ages. Suddenly Al Leiter vs. Steve Parris doesn't look so bad.

NLDS - Phillies over Padres, 3-2

Jake Peavy going today is a double-edged sword. It means he can only make one start in the division series. That and 2/3 of the starting OF on the shelf should be enough to do the Padres in.

NLDS - Diamondbacks over Cubs, 3-2

The D-Backs shouldn't be in the postseason. They're as big a fluke as has made October in a long time. Yet the Cubs stand zero chance of beating Brandon Webb. They can't do it and they won't. The Arizona bullpen will be able to salt away at least one other win.

ALDS - Red Sox over Angels, 3-0

The Red Sox do their homework. Expect the swing-happy Angels to get exposed.

ALDS - Yankees over Indians 3-1

I'm hoping it goes the other way, but the Yankees strike me as a team primed to make a postseason run.

NLCS - Phillies over Diamondbacks 4-1

Philly can hit Arizona's pitching and, barring a bullpen meltdown (which certainly could happen) I expect the fighting Phils to be the superior team.

ALCS - Yankees over Red Sox 4-3

People will claim they're "tired" of New York vs. Boston, but everyone will watch and it will be exciting baseball.

World Series - Yankees over Phillies 4-1

An anti-climactic finish to the season. The Bombers remind everyone why they're the most storied franchise in sports history. Bob Abreu win Series MVP.