Wild card playoff - Padres over the Rockies

I'll take the upset. Rocks 5-3

NLDS - Rocks over Phils, 3-1

the hotter of two hot clubs -- some high-scoring games here

NLDS - Cubs over Dbacks, 3-1

Cubs bullpen also tough (I doubt Dempster closes in the postseason). Dbacks aren't ready yet.

ALDS - Red Sox over Angels, 3-2

Vlad isn't healthy, but Angels put a scare into the Sox anyway.

ALDS - Indians over Yanks, 3-2

CC and Carmona and some nice middle relief put the heat on Joba and Rivera, and they crack.

NLCS - Rockies over Cubs, 4-3

So all my NL picks are based on Fogg over Peavy... so?

ALCS - Red Sox over Indians 4-2

depth in the rotation puts Sox over the top

World Series - Red Sox over Rockies 4-1

Yankees -- errr, Red Sox -- expand their empire.