Ok...the season is over and obviously it did not end up the way we would have liked (although it ended up the way some anticipated).

Looking back with our near perfect 20-20 hindsight, what were the highlights and lowlights of this past year?


Phillips; Nuff said

Hamilton; * (the * for durability issues, otherwise a highlight)

Burton; showing signs of being solid

Couter; while not solid, showing signs of being usefull

Belisle; not a world beater but lasted longer than I thought he would

Dunn; turned in another great year

Harrang; 2006 wasn't a fluke

Keppinger; an actual improvement for the bench

Votto; way too early, but he showed what he might be able to do

EE; slow, miserable start...but turned it on big time at the end


Coffey; just plain horrable

Jr; I NOT SLAGGING ON HIM, but his RF defense was still an issue and while he had an awesome year at the plate it was a shame to see him come up short of 600. I was also bummed that he didn't make it to the end of the year without being hurt...it was so close. I'm frustrated FOR him, not AT him

Stanton; not that it was a total shock, but wow.

Sarrlooss; I was shocked, but wow

8th inning of about any game......

Gonzos defense; but I'm willing to cut him some slack vis. his child

Ross; I figured he'd slow down compared to 2006, but yikes

Homer; sorry to fire up the debate, but I think bringing him up was a huge mistake

Castro; Nuff Said

Freel; Nuff Said