Hopefully this will be a close game but I fear the worst. The Cards could win a shootout if Harry Douglas and Mario Urrutia are back but without them (especially Douglas) it would take an out of character performance from the defense. I see this as the first major test for the Cincy defense. UofL's passing game is far beyond that of Rutgers and they're decent running the ball when they don't fall behind big early. Cincy has lived on turnovers but Brohm plays smart and doesn't throw many interceptions. The first quarter will likely set the tone. In their three losses Louisville has fallen behind big early and has to throw constantly to catch up. Another good performance by the Cincy defense and they'll affirm their position as a legit Big East contender.

How they compare:

U of L vs. UC
Points scored: 44.0 - 43.3
Points allowed: 30.7 - 12.7
Rushing yards: 172.7 - 185.8
Passing yards: 405.7 - 259.5
Opp. Yards rushing: 161.2 - 85.0
Opp. Yards passing: 283.3 - 255.2
Turnover margin: +5 - +15