After reading some of the discussions on the most powerful conference thread, while also seeing top teams getting "upset" over the last two weeks, while also facing the possibilty that OSU could be #1 in football, lets get the ball rolling.....


As an OSU fan I don't deny for a second, and have been stating so all season, that OSU's strength of schedule (with three teams like Akron, Youngstown State, and Kent State on it), as well as the apparent "weakness of the Big Ten (which OSU can't do anything about), that good arguments could be made that OSU shouldn't be #1 after the polls come out on Sunday night.

Some "experts" say they should. Others say it should be S. Florida because they have more quality wins then OSU with wins over then #17 Auburn, and then #5 W. Virginia.

Lou Holtz believes OSU should be #1. His defense is - "Who would you be wary of facing as an opponent right now? OSU or S. Florida?

Personally - I can't believe we are even discussing the possibility of a S. Florida being #1?

I personally think OSU will be #1. It may be a split poll with one giving it to S. Florida.

And as an avid OSU fan, like any fan, I'll be excited if OSU is #1. That's what being a fan is all about.

But this is also one wary fan. OSU is a good team, and yes, they are undefeated: but I don't think they have really been tested. And looking at their remaining games, I see the only possible test coming in the last game at Ann Arbor. I though the Illini might test them; but after watching what Iowa did to them yesterday, the Illini are too one dimemsional.