Read the entirety of the post. Skewed perspective? Hardly. You picked one part of the post and passed judgment on the rest. Is your beef really that he "name dropped" or it is that he called out a coach and an organization that has made many questionable moves? Your first line was how predictable it is that someone would call out a coach when the coach is losing. You then called him out for name dropping. Then you mention that you didn't bother reading the entire post, but of course, you felt compelled to slam it anyway. So what is it that really bothers you?

Is it that you don't like members of this board using their mind to form an opinion about how someone is doing their job?

I got more out of his one post, than I do out of hundreds I've sifted through on this site, but that doesn't mean I've felt the urge to call out the hundreds that I thought were uninformed or without substance.

I'm sure you know, but this is a "sports" message board where it is perfectly reasonable and acceptable for a fan or observer of sports to critique the moves (right or wrong) made by a sports organization, especially when it is done in such detail as in this post by Cedric. What this board isn't, is a "critiquing other's posts" message board. It would be nice if you could just contribute to the discussion, whether you agree or disagree with the topic at hand, without critiquing the way the message was conveyed.

Talk about a predictable pattern.