A few seasons back we mocked GMed for each team in the league and I thought it made for enjoyable offseason discussion, so I figured I'd put out one of these a day during the week and let folks put on their mad scientist caps. I'll start with the NL East and cover every club other than the Reds, because this board already does the Reds to death.

The basic idea is what would you do with the given club this offseason? I'll list a few basics and you can take it from there.

First up, the Florida Marlins, 2007 record 71-91, -101 run differential


790 runs (6th NL)
.336 OB (7th NL)
.448 SLG (3rd NL)
105-139 SB (6th NL)


3B - Miguel Cabrera, .966 OPS
SS - Hanley Ramirez, .948 OPS, 51 SB
2B - Dan Uggla, .805 OPS
RF - Jeremy Hermida, .870 OPS
LF - Josh Willingham, .827 OPS


CF (dependent on how you feel about Cody Ross)


4.96 ERA (16th NL)
.364 OB (16th NL)
.442 SLG (11th NL)
.669 DER (29th MLB)



Advanced prospects

Brett Carroll - OF
Robert Andino - SS
Jai Miller - OF
Gaby Hernandez - P
Daniel Barone - P
Chris Volstad - P
Rick VandenHurk - P