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You also have a leftfielder who hits 40 home runs a year, drives in 100, scores 100 runs, and walks 100 times. AND he's entering his prime. Hunter on the other hand is on the decline.
Dunn blows him away in walks but Hunter had more rbi's in the last two years than Dunn, and I could see GABP being a huge power boost for Hunter. Hunter scored about 7 less runs than Dunn last year while walking half as many times. I think with the defensive upgrade Hunter brings against Dunn he is one of few free agent outfielders that could come close to replacing Dunn's numbers. That being said they play different positions in the outfield, and I think and hope Dunn's option is picked up and I think the only reason for delay is not the LTC but rather the fact that they just announced the Dusty hiring and the league prefers that teams wait until after the World Series to make announcements like this. I'm sure Bud allowed them to go ahead with the Dusty signing announcement because of the number of manager jobs up for grabs and the number of managers that may be on there way out of there present situation. It's kinda shocking with all of the complaining about not spending money on players in the past that we could complain about maybe picking up a guy like this. I would be thrilled to have an outfield of Dunn, Hunter, and Hamilton, and wouldn't be at all upset with Griffey if he hits like he did this year. It's too bad we cant field 4 outfielders like in softball.