Either dumper or the dumpee. Please no Penthouse fantasy types

My now ex-wife decided after I found a little note scribbled by some dude that "they just sat and looked at the stars and talked" informed me she just couldn't do it anymore. That was it, she wasn't going to try anymore. Of course, she was the one who stayed out all night, so far be it from me to find the note while I was looking for a lighter.

Pregnancy when the significant other said it wasn't yours (oh, to have DNA testing back then) was an interesting way to find out you'd been dumped.

I pulled a bad breaker-upper stunt. The lady and I had broke up, but she was getting all emotional about things and would not continue in a common group we belonged to. So, I went to visit her at her home to try to finish things off once and for all, and I just laid into her, saying several mean things that took me a while to smooth over.