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I think he's being dismissed as a terrible manager for this team that the Reds are trying to become. The Reds are trying to build a team with a solid pitching staff with young arms. Based on Baker's past record with young arms, many, including me, do not think he is a good fit, unless you have stock in Kremchek's practice.
I again have been looking at who Baker had with the Giants and there were plenty of young pitchers who came up under him some of whom proved to be decent pitchers in their careers.

One who got his start with Dusty Baker was Jeff Brantley. We then acquired Brantley from the Giants. Anyone recall what Brantley has said about Baker this year?

Again though, I ask folks to name other pitchers who were ruined by Baker. I'm not saying there aren't, but I don't know them off the top of my head. It may well be that Baker's pitcher use hastened what was inevitable with Prior and Wood and now he carries this rep as a destroyer of pitchers.