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Much like last year, the defense isn't 7 ppg/against good. . . On several occasions this year, they have managed to escape dangerous scoring threats by coming up with a good play at a clutch moment. Happened twice tonight. I imagine that those key plays won't come as easily against a good offense. It's a bend-not-break unit, one that will be exposed sooner or later.

On offense, this team is much better than the 2002 squad. Boeckman still makes a few silly mistakes, but he has nice poise and generally gets the ball to the right guy. He has solid targets all over the field. Beanie Wells is great, although he looks injured every time he gets tackled. Maurice Wells is garbage, I like Saine much better as the second back.

The good news is that this is the type of club that Tressel likes to coach. He loves to run the ball, kick field goals, and win close games. He never quite "got it" the past few years when his offense was loaded with weapons. This team strikes me as a better match between his coaching preferences and the guys he deploys.

Hypothetical question: if OSU loses a game, could they still play for the title? Given the wackiness of 2007, I imagine that they could. Among the one-loss teams, I would say that only LSU and Oregon would have better claims on the title game at this point, and neither of those teams have cakewalks from here on out.
Seriously, this analysis doesn't appear that you have followed the 2007 Buckeyes at all. Tressel's MO is getting shredded this year by opponents. They throw deep frequently, throw from passing formations, mix up formations, throw on passing downs, run on passing downs. Last night was a delight to watch play calling because I could not call the play before the snap by watching formation, down and distance. That is a new twist for Tressel.

As for the D, I think GAC handled that one.