As some of you may have seen, this past summer, Fuse had a reality television show called Bodog Battle of the Bands. Basically, running 12 bands through a gauntlet of challenges, ultimately awarding a $1 million recording contract to the winners.

This is exactly the type of show my band would have laughed at and wrote off as lame. We're very much against these types of gimmicky contests and whatnot.

Except that now we've been asked to participate.....

I'm not here trying to solicit anything from anyone, but if you do live in the Cincinnati area, I'd like to offer you the opportunity to come out on December 1st and see some of the best regional bands at Bogarts.

I say this because a few weeks ago, they held the second round at the Mad Frog. 24 bands got 15 minutes to set up (backlined gear was provided. dual marshall TSL's. YUCK!). There were some bad ones, but there were some really awesome bands too, and a lot of them made it to the 3rd round at Bogart's.

It's going to be a killer local show regardless of who makes it through to the next round at the Met in Chicago, and all the bands collectively are just trying to pack the place and make it a super fun environment.

Here's a link to the Bodog site where you can see a list of the bands playing and buy tickets

Bodog Battle of the Bands - Bogarts

and here's a myspace link to my band, After the Accident. Feel free to check us out. And my personal apology to all myspace haters out there, but it continues to be the best networking tool available for bands today. I just wish their streaming music player didn't pull out all the bass frequencies and push the highs.

After the Accident

Any comments on my band are completely welcome. Just don't be too harsh. I know we're not everyone's cup-o-tea.