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LOL! Nah, just a typo.

But I've contended for a few years that the rest of the Big Ten needs to move into this century as far as offense goes. I think the defenses in the Big Ten overall are really good. But the style off offense played at a lot of the schools is outdated. Once some of these other schools make the switch to the modern day style of offense, the Big Ten should rise again. I think the past couple of seasons have been down years for the Big Ten, so I was mostly arguing historical. this year is this year. The tide will turn. Most years, the conferences are quite close, IMO.
Well, either way, I'm going to use it.

Agreed. I think style of play has hurt some Bog Ten teams in getting skilled offensive recruits.

BTW, Purdue's getting a very interesting player from the Dayton area next year -- Roy Roundtree from Trotwood-Madison. Saw him this past weekend in a playoff game. Kid is a playmaker. Kinda undersized, but exciting to watch.