Except for bleacher seats which are going down and Terrace Outfield which are staying the same.


Reds ticket prices are going up
By C. Trent Rosecrans
Post staff reporter

While it is unknown if the Reds will add payroll for the 2008 season, the price of watching the Reds is going up. The team announced tickets prices for the 2008 season as well as the complete schedule, which is subject to change.

Prices for most non-premium seating categories will increase $2 and the team has eliminated its cheapest ticket, the Outer View Level. Last season, tickets for "regular" games in the 1,368 Out View Level seats were $5. Those tickets are now regular View Level price ($14 for regular games, an increase of $1 from 2007).

However, the team has lowered the price of bleacher seats to $7 from $10.

In all, the Reds claim approximately 58 percent of the tickets at Great American Ball Park will be $20 or less.

There is no change in the price of Terrace Outfield seats ($19).

Like last season, ticket prices are increased for "Premier Games" which include the Opening Day game against the Arizona Diamondbacks (March 31) and the Boston Red Sox (June 13-15). "Select Games" pricing includes the series against the Cleveland Indians (May 16-18) and Chicago Cubs (Sept. 5-7).

The Reds' road schedule includes the team's final trip to two New York stadiums - Yankee Stadium (June 20-22) and the Mets' Shea Stadium (May 9-11). Both stadiums are scheduled to be replaced in 2009.

The team will play at Washington's new Nationals Park from Aug. 1-3.

In addition to facing the Yankees, the Reds' other road interleague trips are at Toronto (June 24-26) and Cleveland (June 27-29).