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You're serious? He was coaching a bunch of JUCOs that never touched the floor of a D1 basketball game, let alone Big East.

This recruiting class and next years should give you a good reason to love Mick. As for coaching, I can't judge him yet until I see how well these kids develop.

Let me know the next time a team goes 10-17 (somewhere around there) and ends up with the 13th best recruiting class in the nation.
I understand that he had a very poor team last year and basically give him a pass. This year, from the start to the end, will go a long way to showing what kind of coach Cronin is. I am neither fully behind him or against him. I think the freshman and Vaughn need to show improvement over the legnth of the season. I also want to see how well he Cronin coaches up his players. Whether he gets his players to play at a higher level, to play with better competition.